Wot, you say?

I had my first Ethiopian food when I was 16. I was a bit skeptical, as the thought of wet stuff sitting on bread just ooged me out. My folks are rice people. Gravy and its associated wetness goes on rice, not on bread. I don’t even like my biscuits wet with gravy! Horrors.

Ethiopian food desertThankfully, my palate’s a bit more sophisticated these days, and I’m always willing to throw down on some stew-soaked injera these days. But unfortunately, I live the Ethiopian food wasteland known as the central San Francisco Bay Peninsula. You see that big, empty space on the land noodle between the two clusters of Yelp pins? That’s my wasteland. Boatloads of wot-free sadness.

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First post!

Nothing like starting off your food blog with tacos. Banh mi tacos!Image

Lightly pan-fried tofu marinated in lemongrass and tamari-flavored sauce, homemade carrot and daikon pickles, chopped jalapenos, sliced cucumbers, fresh cilantro, topped with a  Vegenaise/Sriracha/shoyu dressing. Typically, I would have used light soy sauce, but I was out and the taco craving just couldn’t wait until I stopped by my local 99 Ranch.