Sweet cookie hangover

So, late last night, this happened.

Cranberry oatmeal cookie

Most folks find themselves ready for sleep at 12:15 am, if not already in bed. I, however, thought that nighttime=cookies, so I turned on the oven and used the remains of an open bag of dried cranberries to whip up a double batch of oatmeal goodness with a twist. I usually do these with raisins and cinnamon/nutmeg, but for these I switched out the raisins for cranberries, added some ginger, and topped it off with a splash of orange extract in addition to the vanilla paste I use in everything. I took my cue from the flavors I generally use when I’m making cranberry sauce from scratch.

I didn’t bother formulating my own recipe for the base cookie dough. The recipe in Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar has always been good to me. I make them up with regular rolled oats instead of quick oats because I prefer the texture of the larger flakes. Other than that, I stick to the printed recipe and it hasn’t failed me. Seriously, these are some of the chewiest, tastiest oatmeal cookies I’ve had, vegan or otherwise, as long as you don’t overcook them. Like most cookies, I like to remove them from the oven just when they’re set almost all the way to the center, then leave them on the pan for about five minutes to finish firming up and cooling down.

Don’t let the image fool you. First, I did not make pie plate sized cookies this morning. That is a cocktail plate, and the cookies are about three inches in diameter. These are a bit larger than the original recipe specifies, so I added about three minutes per sheet to the listed cooking times. Second, one cookie is not a plated serving around here. Ahem. Well, maybe an 8-inch cookie.

Also, I didn’t eat one of these for breakfast. That’s my story.